How to Apply


Check you’re eligible

For starters you will need to:

  • be a Permanent Indian Resident, aged at least 18 years
  • have a regular income with capacity to make repayments after expenses (including repayments on any credit cards and loans)
  • have a good credit history (e.g. no previous defaults, no excessive credit enquiries)

Apply Securely On-line

Applications take less than 15 minutes

You’ll need to tell us:

  • How much you’d like to borrow
    and what it’s for
  • A bit about yourself
  • Your employment situation
  • Your personal finance details

Prompt response

After submitting your application you’ll either be approved in 60 seconds, conditionally approved, referred for further information or declined.

What else you may require

Sometimes we need further proof of your income or that you are who you say you are, e.g. two recent payslips, driver’s license or passport. If so, we’ll let you know during the application process.

Money available quickly

Once you’ve accepted our loan offer we will electronically transfer your money into your account. This will take no longer than two working days from approval.

Application Form

Apply online

Click the link below to apply online
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Download the Form

You can download and print the form listed below.
Download the Application PDF Form